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DELIVERANCE ISLAND     by gentry rosario    

"You know how in the movie Inside Out, the girl’s mind is made up of ‘core’ memories that shape themselves into little islands in her brain? They are such powerful memories that they define who she is? I’m pretty sure we all have those; I certainly can think of several for myself. Well, this story is kind of like that for me. It’s about one of my ‘islands.’ A suitable name for it could be ‘Bathtub Island,’ because that’s the image that comes up in my memory when thinking about it (we might even all have one of those since it’s common knowledge the best place for revelation is during a bath). Though, I think a better name for it would be ‘Deliverance Island.’" Read more... 

the 3 ist's for family and raising children  by wendy jarrold


Means to take a stand and maintain it, and demand strongly. When you have done all to stand, stand therefore...Ephesians 6:13,14

Here are a few thoughts of mine on how to be a Better Mom, not a Bitter Mom....Read more...

fitness fundamentals

by micah segreti

"...It’s time to take things back to the basics. To me, the fundamentals of fitness are healthy eating and HIIT training. Perhaps my personal experience and tips can encourage you this New Year to renew or create a resolve to carefully protect the body God has entrusted to you!" Read more...

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